This isn’t some blog concentrated on fashion, food, or product reviews. This is my blog. A blog where one can reason about fashion, food, and product reviews. A blog where I can write away and be read. No filters and no limitations – just pure thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts, let’s get introduced, shall we? My name is Leyla Javadova, I’m a twenty-something year old trying to get a blog filled with emotions and opinions. I was born in Azerbaijan, just east of Europe, raised in Canada, and somehow, ended up living in Puerto Rico, a small US-owned island off in the Caribbean.

I love everything which is why this blog will be about everything. You name it – love, relationships, fashion, food, make-up, personal issues, life events, nature, events. The list goes on and on.

So without further ado, welcome to my blog and I hope you keep this in your bookmarks.

You’ll need to visit often.


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