Take a deep breath before you read this. Let’s do it together. Ready? Take a deep breath in. Count to 5. Breath out. Again. You needed that time, didn’t you? That ‘me’ time you just spent on yourself: to calm down and settle, is the ‘me’ time you’d need to cherish and perfect, because it’s the only think that will ground you.

We’ve heard it continuously: in order to have someone love the real you, you need to love the real you, and before that, you need to find the real you. If not you, who?

I’ve taken small steps towards loving the true me. I haven’t completely gotten there but I do feel more powerful in my own skin. I can tell you all the steps and tricks, but the strength is seriously within you and only you.

Add stickies. Put them everywhere. Write your favorite quotes on them. Your motivational goals. One year goals, Five year goals. Your vision. Who do you want to become? Who are you? Write it all down on ten, twenty, hundred stickies. Post them everywhere.

This will help you keep yourself accountable. You’ll remind yourself on how your beauty. I usually woke up early in the morning, as I brush my teeth, I read the sticky that says “You don’t have to have a six-pack to be fit!” and I take a deep breath and keep brushing my teeth. I smile when I see myself. I appreciate myself because imperfections are perfect.

Create A Schedule. That’s right. You’re your own, personal employer. Create the hours you need to work on yourself. Sign up for CrossFit. Yoga. Run downtown. Create the time where you can meditate. Maybe the hour where you can settle and read a book, dance, or visit the closest beach. This special hour or two is when you can take some extra deep breaths and become yourself. These hours help you find the true you.

I began appreciating myself when I started taking the free yoga classes at lululemon. I later signed up for a gym. I went on sites, looking up different workouts. I asked a friend to show me how to use the specific machines at the gym. I wasn’t scared of not knowing. I was shy but never scared. Take that time to keep your body moving, getting close to every inch of your body.

Take chances. Taking chances is more than just ‘going to a class you’ve never been to before’ – it’s taking a chance at yourself. The extra skin you have around your tummy? Yeah, take a chance and love that area. The amazing bicep-covering fat around your arms? Take them on a date. I mean it – love yourself without the second thought. Take that chance. Accept your ‘oh so called’ imperfections and make them perfect in your own eyes.

I detested how my arms look. I detested how my tummy isn’t all flat and fabulous. I detested the fact that I don’t love myself in shorts. I took a chance and accepted that. I wear tank tops, knowingly that the body I have at the moment is changing every God damn second, and I’m accepting to live my life and wear whatever the hell I want. You need to adapt that attitude and work to not ‘become skinnier’ or ‘fatter’ or ‘prettier’ – learn how to become the better version of yourself. That, my friend, is taking that chance.

Now go to the nearest bathroom. Look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t do the ‘selfie’ face you do for Instagram, look into your soul for a second. See that person? That’s you. Learn how to cherish that because there’s one of you. Take a deep breath. Do you.

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