Resolutions, no. Goals. Future Achievements. I’m keeping myself accountable to all of my 5 promises and I will get them accomplished. Why is this important? Why is writing our goals so vital?

Because it reminds us daily what we’re fighting for this year. It reminds us what we need to accomplish.

  • Run a minimum of 20 miles every week

I’ve been running since I moved to Canada. It was my way to let go and act as if I’m burning all that fat off my body. Am I? Doing cardio (besides working out) is a great way to lose that stubborn fat. Doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), where you do cardio in a small amount of time but a higher intensity or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State), where you do cardio at a longer amount of time at a comfortable pace are great ways of adding types of cardio into your day-to-day life. Don’t overdo the cardio, but if you want to see change – cardio is vital next to working out with weights.

I remember barely doing 3 miles however, I’ve noticed as times have passed and I choose smoother and interesting areas to run (such as Condado, Puerto Rico), I’ve seen my running distance increase immensely. I went from running 3 miles barely to 7 miles. I see improvement and I see how better I feel! Highly suggested.

  • Read a book once a month

Having classes bombard me with constant assignments, exams that need studying for, and going to the gym and running – leaves zero time for me to grow my knowledge beyond educational facility purposes. Reading for pleasure should be insisted on by everyone. It not only increases the topics of discussion and conversation starters, it also creates that inner world you’ve once created when you were a child. Grab a book of your interest, whether it be fiction, self-help, a classic, or a biography of your favorite author – get a real book, touch it’s cover and read.

  • Use a planner to plan not only your school assignments but personal must-do’s also

I’ve kindly asked my Secret Santa from my job at lululemon to give me a planner. I’ve obsessed with anything organization-related. I’ve decided to keep pushing myself to create the habit of writing everything down by hand. I plan on writing everything from class schedules, assignments to personal goals for the day, what exercise I should be doing today, whether I should call someone, etc. Writing everything down in the planner created an automatic must do them now feeling to all of the points written.

And you also practice your writing. Win.

  • Go to the gym or do CrossFit on the days that I’m not running

I have various workout routines both from BodyBuilding and using the Train With Lyzabeth Lopez. Working at lululemon has also made me addicted to WODs from CrossFits, so I’ve signed up at a box to do some workouts there as well. My goal is to stay active, but not just a few days a week, I want to stay active everyday – varying my movements, whether it be cardio, pure lifting, or both.

CHANGE in workouts is the best thing you could do for your body, keeping it bulging for more. You want to make sure that you don’t do the same routine over and over again because of two reasons: you want your muscles to rest and because your muscles get used to the workouts you’re doing, hence not benefitting at all from them. My biggest advice is simply to stay active.

  • Don’t get distracted by the things that truly don’t matter

i saw a video recently that explained the following: Pretend as if you have an empty cup. Fill it with a few golf balls. These golf balls represent your values, the things that truly matter to you such as family, friends, etc. Fill that cup with small rocks. These small rocks represent the other smaller things in life such as your job, your car, etc. Then fill the rest with sand. These small segments represent everything else in your life, the interesting, the needed, the unneeded, the unnecessary things in life that one goes through throughout their every day lives. Now, if you fill the box with the sand first, then the rocks and then the gulf balls – you’ll end up with no place to fill them all in.

What’s the point? The point is simply to have a better understanding of what’s truly important to you and what isn’t. Having your priorities straight is an important part of our daily lives, hence my goal is to keep reminding me what truly is important to me. I don’t want to get distracted by the ‘sand’ and waste my energy on something so small and not as important to my life.

I guess this is just a beginning. I’ll keep adding my goals as the year passes. Tell me in the comments below, on Instagram/Facebook what your goals are!



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