I hate relationships.

Do I?

I hate jealousy, restriction, when one controls the other. I hate people who tell others what to do or what not to do. I strongly believe that one who doesn’t trust their loved one is doomed in a relationship that simply won’t work out. I’m not here to give relationship advice however I have seen people get ruined just by being their own enemy. Where is this all coming from, you ask?

I added a friend on Instagram. He had a private profile, so I had to wait for his approval. He DM’ed me (wrote to me privately) and we started talking, reminiscing. He accepted me, followed me back. Out of nowhere, he writes the following:

– My girlfriend is going to go crazy since I followed you. Let me block you then unblock you.

Wait, what just happened?  For those who aren’t familiar to the Instagram world and it’s tricks, blocking someone who follows you then unblocking them removes them from your followers’ list without blocking them. That was confusing. Sorry.

– Tell your girlfriend to not disgrace the female gender and to start trusting herself and yourself.

I was furious. I was furious not because a friend blocked/unblocked me like a six-year-old, I was furious because a woman is so jealous, insecure that she’s restricting communication for the opposite sex – controlling him. WHY?

What happened to the constant ‘Women Must Empower Women!’ – oh wait, obviously for some it’s more ‘Be Careful! Other Women Will Steal Your Man!’ – funny. Why are other women seen to be such a threat to women in relationships? Why can’t a man and a woman be friends? How is that SO abnormal?

I believe in friendships and I have supported ALL of my male friends’ and their relationships, their girlfriends/wives, and been there for both. Obviously in any relationship, there needs to be trust and ability to communicate. If your man cheats on you or talks to someone else, you need to check HIM and be mad at HIM just as much as the other woman. However, one needs to understand that we are all humans and we deserve friendship and friendly love and kindness. Why make a huge deal out of something that could be benefiting you also? Why not trust your man/woman?

What happened to the constant ‘Women Must Empower Women!’ – oh wait, obviously for some it’s more ‘Be Careful! Other Women Will Steal Your Man!’ – funny.

I’m scared to even reminisce back to my friends who are now restricted to talking to other women. I feel degraded, I feel like WOMEN aren’t trusting other WOMEN enough. Why be at this point anyway? I have a feeling that the idea of being in a relationship is so thin and fragile that people don’t really think everything through, they’re too busy scared of losing something they’ve wished in having for such a long time.

I’m disgusted. Very disgusted. You should be too.


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