Happy 2016, my dear friends! Even though this year didn’t bring much joy nor the merry, jolly feeling people usually get before the holidays, I still have a pretty good feeling about 2016! Wishing everyone a fabulous year ahead, filled with unforgettable memories, tons of luck, good news, and love.

Every beginning of the new year, I tend to stumble upon people’s goals and resolutions. We begin to promise ourselves different methods and ways to achieve the goals we’ve set up for ourselves, and later as time passes, we tend to forget all about them. We become too busy to even think about the goals that were once thought about. However, 2016 must be different. We need to work hard, together in order to try and achieve the simple goals we want to achieve.

Without further ado, here are my 2016 New Year Resolutions:

Have a scheduled lifestyle

I have always looked up to people who have their day scheduled out and set. In 2016, I want to create a much more organized lifestyle in which I can incorporate my study time, work time, with me time. I hate having to think about my plans last minute, so having every day of the week somewhat roughly planned gives me the freedom of panic and stress.

Become a Gym Rat

Back in May (2015), I had the motivation of going to the gym daily. I was always up and ready to lift or run. I felt more energized and alert. However, my schedule screwed up when I went to Canada for the summer, and later by my finals. In such instances, I lose motivation and concentration, my self-esteem falls rapidly as I constantly hear about how I’ve gained weight. Going to the gym and exercising gives me the motif that I’m doing something right about myself. I take supplements, I drink enough water, and I pretend to be a health nerd. #ForeverAWannaBe. For this year, I plan on going to the gym most days of the week, keeping myself healthy and on point. I’ve started following the Online Training Plan of Lyzabeth Lopez (Hourglass Workout Online) and so far, I’m sore (a good sign!)

Read a Book Once a Month

I have never been a reader nor a person who collects books. Yet, I tend to respect people who read more and keep their mind circulating and working constantly. Reading keeps everyone a little more alive and obviously a great topic starter. I’ve set up to read every night before going to bed, finishing a book per month. It’s something I need to do for myself in order to learn the beauty of writing, creativity, and imagination.

Explore My Surroundings

When people ask me what are some ‘must-go’ places on the island, I tend to mention the usual touristic areas, even though I’ve lived here for more than 8 years. This year, I want to experience the beauty of nature that Puerto Rico has to offer. I want to learn and experience new things. I want to make sure to try different cultural food and travel around, enjoying the place I live in. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer besides the beautiful beaches, so my plan is to try and explore every bit that I can.

Run Outside Whenever Possible

Before beginning my gym life, I used to love running around my neighborhood, and I still do. I mean, I hate being out of breath but my last resolution for 2016, is to build the endurance I used to have. I run 4 miles yet I want to run quicker and even longer. I guess this resolution could somehow be incorporated to all of the above, and even to run on different beaches and cities.

I guess my New Year Resolutions aren’t as deadly and are quite possible. Starting today, I’m going to do everything in my power to create a different lifestyle worth living. I’m going to write a new chapter in my book, hoping to make it permanent.

What about you? What are your resolutions for this new year? Let me know in the comments below!


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2 replies on “2016 New Year Resolutions

  1. I love your resolutions. I recommend you print them out and put them in a place where you see it daily.

    Be more organized and intentional with my agenda ( same as you)

Be intentional with my happiness

… Be intentional with the people in my life : eliminate those who add nothing. Ask myself 
Do they make me happy? I am the best version of myself around them or by having them in my daily life?

    Think less – Act more – Not everything needs to have a meaning

    Eat more vegetables and fruits


Less sugar more natural things

    Honesty – Be true to myself

    Learn how to say NO

 and focus energy on one big purpose instead of a new scattered things everyday

    Play more sports – basketball , badminton, soccer, rock climbing, pool, tennis

    Develop more friendships by giving, contributing, and being consistent

    Find a flow in something new – Habit where you disconnect but also is productive


Dance Salsa

    Read more

    Reduce social media use – more face to face and meaningful relationships

Disconnect from past completely and look into bright new future


Learn how to appreciate things while you have them and value them, but don’t accept anything less than what you deserve

    Don’t have people in your life that see you as anything less than wonderful, great, special and who you are


    1. You forgot one resolution, Ronnie. “Visit Leyla as much as possible since I promise her a meet up all the time. Love Leyla more and not to ever forget her since she brings such joy to my life.” 😉

      Also, I fell in love with your “eliminating people who add nothing” part. Something I’ve been doing this year.


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