It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted my next post to be about and suddenly, I heard someone whisper to their friend:

Love is so mainstream. It’s not even love.

I had her words stuck in my head for quite some time. Are people in relationships because they like that person or because they want to be in a relationship? There’s a very distinct difference between the two. It’s like when someone asks you out. You either go out because you want to see that person or you go out because you want to keep up with your social status.

Being in a relationship is turning to be a ‘must-have’ accessory nowadays. I remember having a friend tell me how I should bring a date to a dinner party yet now that I think of it, one thinks having a date is a somewhat of an accomplishment. Being loved is an accomplishment. Being ‘pretty enough’ to be loved is a goal. It’s motivation. It’s something people thrive to in order to be the ones having their hands held. Posting constant reminders of their relationship on social media is what one dreams of – the perfect, romantic dates being captured for Instagram, the goofy moments taped on Snapchat, and adventurous walks to check-in on Facebook. People want the details of the relationship to be recorded for the public instead of enjoying the moment, and that my friends, is  relationship made in China.

Expectations being set high, both partners tend to be wanting for something different, begging for more or even less. Maybe even begging for something loyal. Being in ‘love’ is something people begin expecting without feeling the true emotions or going through the process of falling in love. The “I love you”s, “forever”s and “never”s lose meaning because those are things one expects to be told. Those are things one not only wants to hear yet gets demanded of. It’s part of that ‘perfect relationship’ bible that one tends to know so much about.

As we discuss the ‘fake’ love and relationships, we tend to ask ‘what is true love?’. How do I know if the care and love I’m receiving from my partner, true? pure? caring? Beginning to question what truly constitutes the whole ideal of being in a relationship, I begin to wonder between different answers that aren’t a solid block for an answer. There is no answer to that question. The only thing I can mention is, in order to be in a relationship, one must want to be with that person – with or without social media, society, or standards. It takes two to tango.

I sigh heavily as I keep wondering whether the new forms of ‘relationship standards’ are solid or not. How can something so materialistic cause something so emotional become dusted? How can emotions be slowly drifted apart as one fights on being accepted?

If someone asks you out, go out because that person is interesting. In conclusion, don’t fall for something made in China. Go for the real deal. Which probably was manufactured in China too, no big deal.

Mentions of race are meant to be taken metaphorically rather than as a racist remark.
Please do take in consideration of a major generalization being written about.
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2 replies on “Made in China

  1. Hope you know Russian.Here are some wise words from a wise guy I used to know:

    Чтоб мудро жизнь прожить, знать надобно не мало,
    Два важных правила запомни для начала:
    Ты лучше голодай, чем что попало есть,
    И лучше будь один, чем вместе с кем попало.

    Omar Khayyam


  2. My personal opinion is that relationships used to much more of a private matter before social networks came up. People now doing the stuff they are supposed to do with their SO nor for love, but for public. In a sense, it makes somebody look like a high school girl who is thriving for any kind of relationship in order to ‘fill in.’ Pathetic, eh?


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