Zephyr – /ˈzɛf ər/ noun | a gentle, mild breeze. One that doesn’t distort nor cause chaos. It’s calm and brings a pleasant sensation.

I learned the word zephyr as I was scrolling down Tumblr. There it was, written and defined. I reread it a couple times and for some odd reason, might it be the fact that it has a /ə/ in the pronunciation, the fact it reminded me of saffron,  or that it somehow created an image of a buta symbol, also known as a paisley pattern in my head when I read it.

I began to think about the meaning: a breeze that causes pleasure rather than disturbance. It’s free and accepted. No hair mess, no worrying about whether your dress will be lifted – it’s gentle. It’s free. Likewise, I began to dig a little deeper and began asking questions such as, how can my life be like a zephyr? Can being so gentle and pleasurable be something one can gain living life? Can we learn to become the zephyr of our lives?

I related everything to body-image, confidence levels individuals have, and how one sees one self. What if the constant worry and the thought of one being not beautiful or perfect may cause disturbance in the mind? It all made sense, in a way. We can be the zephyr of our lives yet it all depends on us.

The way people look and think of themselves might seem to have little effect yet unfortunately, a grandiose portion of one’s attitude and life’s enthusiasm depends on how one directly views itself. That’s it. It’s that simple. If we learn how to accept ourselves the way we are and have been created, love our bodies and our souls – we can find that zephyr in our lives that one might be looking for.

When we begin accepting ourselves, we begin to worry about things that truly matter. Our minds are free of constant worry and we begin to have a motivational look toward not only life, but people. We begin to get inspired by different objects or events – we see the world through different eyes because we are no longer held down. We are free.

We need to think of how to become better not how to become someone else because who we are now isn’t acceptable. Two different cases in which one causes a positive outlook and the other is based on a wanna-be lie. You decide.

Be the zephyr of your life.


Posted by:leylajv

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